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Rescue Groups & Sanctuaries

Blind, Deaf and Double Merles

Cleft Palates/Lips

Neurological Issues​​

Mobility Issues

Misc. (these groups serve a variety of special needs and/or take in

differently-abled and abled animals)



Non Profit Organizations

For Profit Organizations

  • Bionic Pets  (offers custom braces, prosthetics,wheels, helmets, etc.)

  • Eddie's Wheels  (various carts and therapy equipment)

  • Maximus Skates  (offers anti-dragging, de-knuckling, adaptive paw wear)

  • Ortho Pets  (offers custom orthotic and prosthetic devices)

  • OrtoCanis (offers solutions in orthopedics and rehab)

  • Rex Specs  (offers eye and ear protection for dogs)

  • Ruff Rollin'  (offers wheelchairs with lifetime warranty on frames)

  • Walkin' Pets  (offers wheels, braces, harnesses, boots, drag bags, etc.)

  • Wheelies by Shane (custom, low cost wheelchairs)

Training & Other Support