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Resources Notes

A rescue organization's location often does not define the only areas they serve.  

Please contact orgs directly re: geographical areas served.

Blind, Deaf, Blind & Deaf
Mobility Issues
Gen. Special Needs

Blind, Deaf, Blind & Deaf

  Rescue Groups

      <Troy, VA>​

  Other Resources for Blind, Deaf, Blind & Deaf 

 +  Acorn's DEAFinitely Awesome Dictionary of Signs: Easy-to-Learn and Easy-

     to-Teach Sign Language for Training Deaf Dogs in the Basics of Good

 +  A Deaf Dog Joins the Family: Training, Education, and Communication for a

     Smooth Transition (book | Terrie Hayward)

 +  Blind Dogs Can Have Normal Lives Too! (article | Whole Dog Journal)

 +  Deaf Dogs Rock Ambassadors (individuals living with deaf dogs who are

     available as a resrouce for training and other issues)

 +  Down To Earth Dog Lady (in person and virtual training for blind, deaf  and

     blind & deaf dogs)

 +  Positive Animal Wellness (in person and virtual training for blind, deaf  and

     blind & deaf dogs) 

 +  Through A Dark Silence: Loving and Living With Your Blind and Deaf Dog

     (book | Debbie Bauer) 

     Behavior (book | Mary L. Motley & Carol Peter)

 +  Tips on Living With and Training a Blind Dog (article | Whole Dog Journal)

 +  Training the Hearing Imapaired Dog  (article | Whole Dog Journal)

 +  Training Deaf Dogs with Hand Signals  (article | Whole Dog Journal)

Cleft Palates/Lips


Mobility Issues

  Rescue/Other Non Profit Groups

  Other Resources for Mobility Issues

 +  Dog Wheelchair Life (resources for people with paralyzed dogs) 

 +  Pet Rescue Momma videos to assist those with mobility-impaired and abled


 +  Shade Out DM nonprofit (Advocacy for Degenerative Myelopathy

 +  These Dog Days (resources for disabled dogs and their owners)

 +  Tripawds Foundation nonprofit (resources and community for tripods and

      amputation recovery)

 +  Vital Vet (a go-to reference for rehab, physio & fitness)

 +  Wild Hearts nonprofit (Advocacy, financial assistance, equipment, supplies          and support groups for dogs with mobility impairment)

General Special Needs

(these nonprofit rescue groups serve a variety of special needs, take in differently-abled and abled animals and/or are advocacy groups)







  • Project: Adopt A Sugar Baby (PetTest will provide initial testing equipment and supplies to enrolled individuals who adopt a diabetic pet and connect owners to other community resources)


Misc. Resources

Misc. Resources 

Animal Transport

Animal Transport

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