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The UP Exchange

The UP Exchange

The UP Exchange is a way for folks who have equipment/supplies to connect with those who can use them. Although our focus is equipment/supplies that benefit differently-abled dogs, that does not mean just specialty equipment. And if a "normal" dog is a recipient that's cool too!  The important thing to us is providing a more sustainable sharing option between those who have and those who need.

Do you have something to share?  Please use the The UP Exchange Submittal Form to get started.

Want to see what's available?  Check out the The UP Exchange Spreadsheet to see what's available; we'll post to IG when new items are available.


Resources Notes

- ​A rescue organization's location often does not define the only areas they serve.  Please contact individual orgs re: location restrictions, if any, for taking in or placing dogs.

Blind, Deaf, Blind & Deaf
Mobility Issues
Gen. Special Needs

Blind, Deaf, Blind & Deaf

  Rescue Groups

      <Troy, VA>​

  Other Resources for Blind, Deaf, Blind & Deaf 

 +  Acorn's DEAFinitely Awesome Dictionary of Signs: Easy-to-Learn and Easy-

     to-Teach Sign Language for Training Deaf Dogs in the Basics of Good

 +  A Deaf Dog Joins the Family: Training, Education, and Communication for a

     Smooth Transition (book | Terrie Hayward)

 +  Blind Dogs Can Have Normal Lives Too! (article | Whole Dog Journal)

 +  Deaf Dogs Rock Ambassadors (individuals living with deaf dogs who are

     available as a resrouce for training and other issues)

 +  Down To Earth Dog Lady (in person and virtual training for blind, deaf  and

     blind & deaf dogs)

 +  Positive Animal Wellness (in person and virtual training for blind, deaf  and

     blind & deaf dogs) 

 +  Through A Dark Silence: Loving and Living With Your Blind and Deaf Dog

     (book | Debbie Bauer) 

     Behavior (book | Mary L. Motley & Carol Peter)

 +  Tips on Living With and Training a Blind Dog (article | Whole Dog Journal)

 +  Training the Hearing Imapaired Dog  (article | Whole Dog Journal)

 +  Training Deaf Dogs with Hand Signals  (article | Whole Dog Journal)

Cleft Palates/Lips


Mobility Issues

  Rescue/Other Non Profit Groups

  Other Resources for Mobility Issues

 +  Dog Wheelchair Life (resources for people with paralyzed dogs) 

 +  Pet Rescue Momma videos to assist those with mobility-impaired and abled


 +  Shade Out DM nonprofit (Advocacy for Degenerative Myelopathy

 +  These Dog Days (resources for disabled dogs and their owners)

 +  Tripawds Foundation (resources and community for tripods and

      amputation recovery)

 +  Vital Vet (a go-to reference for rehab, physio & fitness)

 +  Wild Hearts nonprofit (Advocacy, financial assistance, equipment, supplies          and support groups for dogs with mobility impairment)

General Special Needs

(these nonprofit rescue groups serve a variety of special needs, take in differently-abled and abled animals and/or are advocacy groups)







  • Project: Adopt A Sugar Baby (PetTest will provide initial testing equipment and supplies to enrolled individuals who adopt a diabetic pet and connect owners to other community resources)


Misc. Resources

Misc. Resources 

Animal Transport

Animal Transport

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